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Recent articles on Mahayana Theology by John P. Keenan:

  • "Refuting Some Buddhist Arguments About Creation and Adopting Buddhist Philosophy About Salvation History." In Karmic or Divine? Buddhism, Christianity and the Question of Creation, edited by Perry Schmidt-Leukel, 69-80. Aldershot, Hants, UK: Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 2006.

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  • "A Mahayana Theology of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist." Buddhist-Christian Studies 24 (2004): 89-100.

  • "Foreword" to Ruben L.F. Habito, Living Zen, Loving God. Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2004.

  • "The New Interfaith Context and Shifting Agenda for Religious Thinking." Interreligious Insight 1, no. 2 (2003): 27-36.

  • "A Mahayana Theology of Salvation History." Buddhist-Christian Studies 22 (2002): 139-48.

  • "Emptying Jesus." The Witness 81, no. 6 (1998): 18-19.

Responses to Mahayana Theology:

  • Joseph S. O'Leary. "The Significance of John Keenan's Mahayana Theology." The Eastern Buddhist 30, no. 1 (1997): 114-132.

  • Lai Pan-chiu. "A Mahayana Reading of Chalcedon Christology: A Chinese Response to John Keenan." Buddhist-Christian Studies 24 (2004): 209-228.

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      Articles by John P. Keenan:

Mahayana Theology (.pdf)
In Contacts Between Cultures, Volume 3, Eastern Asia: Literature and Humanities, 86 - 91. Lewiston: The Edwin Mellin Press, 1992.

What Can Buddhism Add to Christianity? (.pdf)
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 17 (Spring 1999): 453-477.

The Emptiness of Christ: A Mahayana Christology (.doc - 6.0/95). Anglican Theological Review 75:1 (Winter 1993): 48-63.

      Responses to Mahayana Theology:

When Christianity and Buddhism Meet (.pdf)
John W. Healey. Commonweal 124:1 (January 17, 1997): 11-13.

Review: The Gospel of Mark: A Mahayana Reading (.pdf)
Robert M. Fowler. Review of Biblical Literature. February 15, 1999.


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